FAQ – frequently asked questions

FAQ – frequently asked questions

What is Relaxiana?

Relaxiana is family owned online shop based in Slovakia / Europe.

What offers Relaxiana?

Relaxiana offers range of mostly hand made products made from responsible sources.

Are Relaxiana products safe for environment?

Relaxiana prioritizes natural and local materials.

Where are Relaxiana products made?

Majority of Relaxiana products are made in Slovakia / Europe only.

Can I request Relaxiana to create my own variation of any product?

Currently Relaxiana offers full customization of all products according to individual specifications of a customer.

What return and refund policy uses Relaxiana?

Relaxiana as Europe based business conforms to actual norms and laws of European Union.

Does Relaxiana offer affiliate partnership for individuals?

Yes. Relaxiana offers affiliate partnership based on individual agreement with person willing to participate.