About Relaxiana

About Relaxiana

About Relaxiana RELAXIANA.EU

Handmade home décor products, original clothing, gift ideas and accessories. Feel better at your home.


Relaxiana is a home of relaxation. High quality products from Europe for well-being state of body and mind (candles, décor, clothing, relaxing exercises).

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Relaxiana is the result of the creative activities of a young European / Slovak family. We started by creating decorations and clothing for our own enjoyment. Over time, people from the neighborhood started asking about the things we made. They wanted us to make similar gifts for them as well.

Word about our work gradually spread until we decided to try to offer what we do to the world. Now we create products for a more beautiful home for everyone who likes them. We are very grateful for every interest, every support, every positive evaluation.

Your words, your interest help to grow the Relaxiana “community”. Each of your orders helps to support an ordinary family.

The future

When the right people gather around a good idea, everything is ready for a new course. We create products that people can use and enjoy in their everyday life, or gift them to loved ones. We are proud to develop products that make our homes more beautiful.


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